8 Creative Podcasts to Listen to If You Want to Make Money Online

8 Creative Podcasts to Listen to If You Want to Make Money Online

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This post may contain affiliate links which means if you make a purchase through my links, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend the products I love and trust.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by being a blogger or a creative entrepreneur? 

 Do you get frustrated when success seems so far away?

I guess we do, especially in the earlier stages of our entrepreneurship. 

So what can we do about it?

Well, my suggestion is to listen to podcasts!

Podcasts are such an incredible source of inspiration and knowledge. And the best part?

Podcasts are absolutely FREE!! 

Since there are millions of podcasts out there, choosing the right one can be a tedious process.

However, I have decided to make things easier for you!

I have made a list of 8 amazing podcasts. They are essential resources if you want to want to quit your 9 to 5 job. Or want to set up your first online business and make money online.

However, I have to warn you that all of these podcasts are loaded with great insights that you have to make sure to grab a pen and paper to jot all of it down

8 Creative Podcasts to Listen to If You Want to Make Money Online Problogger podcast -#yourbosomfriend

ProBlogger Podcast

This is the ONLY podcast I listened before starting my blog and I still find it equally motivating and encouraging. Host Darren Rowse has been blogging since 2002 and has made a full time living from his blogs for over a decade. Darren delivers some amazing tips to grow your blog, implement the content and overall structure of the blog.

Wherever you are in your blogging journey this is a MUST-LISTEN podcast! 

The episodes you don’t want to miss:

#246: 9 ways to accelerate the growth of your blog. 

#195: How to crush content planning and promotion with one power tool

#193: How to become a prolific content creator with Kelly Exeter

Blog It boss It Radio

Holly Sutton from A branch of holy is an online marketing coach and a queen of content. In this podcast, Holly walks you through the step by step process for building your online presence as a blogger or as a small business owner! Only discovering this podcast about 2- months ago it became one of my favorite podcasts. Her way of explaining things makes you feel like you are involved in a personal conversation!  

This podcast has helped me to identify my blogging goals and coming up with a  strategy for long term goals. At the end of each episode, I get motivated to work hard to grow my business. I absolutely love Holly’s advice on expanding our brand identity on different social media platforms. Also, she shares her secret tips for producing great content. So another great podcast for creative entrepreneurs! 

The episodes you don’t want to miss:

#024: Batch-Working 101- How to do more in less time

#005: How to create A 3-Month SEO Plan

#009: Quality Vs Quantity: How to create a Solid Content

Simple Pin Podcast

How many of you know that Pinterest is not a social networking site but a search engine? 

Well, I didn’t until I listened to this podcast.
The host Kate is a Pinterest expert. She solves the Pinterest puzzles we bloggers often struggle with. She has answers to all your questions from how to create a perfect pin to the Pinterest strategy for your business. This is the only podcast you have to listen to if you want to master your Pinterest game. This is an ultimate Pinterest guide for your online business! 

The episode you don’t want to miss:

#How much time do I need to invest in Pinterest marketing?

#How to create a Pinterest marketing strategy that works for you?

The Do You Even Blog Podcast

Host Pete is funny and incredibly honest about his blogging journey. He interviews top bloggers and online entrepreneurs about their online business. Most interviews are in-depth so you gain a lot of tips and tricks that many of these successful bloggers adopt in their strategy. 
Pete also has a brief summary of the key takeaways at the end of each episode, pretty handy for those who can’t take notes.

 A great podcast for those who dream of making money online!

The episode you don’t want to miss: 

#7 advanced SEO tips you probably Haven’t seen

#How to translate goals into what you should focus on- Alex Felice

#How Rosemarie built A 100K per month blogging empire

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The Side Hustle

Hosted by Nick Loper the side hustle show focuses on turning your side hustle to a growing business. This podcast is a constant source of encouragement to get out of your 9 to 5 job and turn your dreams into a reality. If you are a writer, coach, consultant, blogger or freelancer? I am sure you will take some great actionable tips from this one! 

The episodes you don’t want to miss:

#338: What I’ve Learned and applied from 49 Awesome Entrepreneurs

#303: The 15 Income Streams I’m Working on Right Now

8 Creative Podcasts to Listen to If You Want to Make Money Online-Blog it boss it podcast- #yourbosomfriend

Design Your Dream Life With Nathalie

I always admired Nathalie for her hard work and becoming a six-figure blogger while working full time. She is a queen of planning and productivity. She is lively, energetic and passionate about what she teaches.  
Nathalie shares some actionable steps to create prolific content and remain productive all along.  

A must-listen for people who are looking for a free mentor or business coach in starting out their online business. 

The episodes you don’t want to miss:

#How To Find Your Passion And Purpose

#The Online Business Puzzle

Just Keep Blogging Podcast

 In my opinion, growing a business includes a productive and growth mindset

 But maintaining a perfect mindset can be challenging at times. 
This is why I love listening to JKB podcast. Kim shares some little-known facts about keeping your faith in blogging and having the right perception for becoming successful in any business. This podcast is a reminder to drift our focus from money-making activities to have the right mindset.   
At times when you are unsure of certain things in your business journey all you have to do is sit back and grab a cup of coffee or tea and start listening to this podcast.

The episodes you don’t want to miss:

#Beating Procrastination

#How Bad Do You Want success

The Strategy Hour Podcast

If you want to take your side hustle into a whole new level, this is the podcast for you.  Hosts Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams encourage you to turn your passion into a business. This podcast comes as a whole package! It discusses the actionable steps to implementing your side hustle into a full-time income, the right strategies for your social media and online audience and so on. 

A must-listen for anyone who wants to rock their online creative presence. 

The episodes you don’t want to miss:

 #365: Becoming A Full-time Creative Entrepreneur

#364: Is a course, Group-Program or One-on-One Coaching Your Next Step in your Business.

While I enjoy listening to  8 of these amazing podcasts here are a few other podcasts that I’m diving into this month:

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert:

I loved reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book big magic! So when I knew about this podcast I couldn’t wait. I am sure there will be lots of great lessons for creative minds. 

The ground-up show:

I have been a huge fan of Award-winning filmmaker Matt D’Avella and his youtube channels. This podcast is an extended version of his interviews on youtube. He goes really deep into understanding the process of creators and the lessons they have learned. 

Girlboss Radio:

I always feel excited to hear about the success stories of amazing women. That’s exactly the reason I am curious about this podcast. 

Some of the other podcasts I am looking forward to listening to developing a creative brain 

chasing creative, Unemployable, Courage makers and Seanwes

Final Thoughts:

Listening to these podcasts has boosted my productivity and confidence in building my online presence and getting over the creative block, things like that many of us face. So hope it does the same for you or even more.

Time for your action:

Now I am curious to know your recommendations. What are some of your favourite podcasts. Let me know in the comments or email at stephy@thecreativemuggle.com

Always curious to hear from you,

Your bosom friend!

8 Creative Podcasts to Listen to If You Want to Make Money Online- #Yourbosomfriend
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